We love our customers. Here are a few common questions.

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Sam founded Sam Sign’s more than thirty years ago. There are many ideas and products that he brought to the real estate industry that are prevalent today. While he is no longer active in the business, we are proud to usher this company into the next thirty years!

Yes, all signs are printed on both sides unless otherwise requested or stated in the description

We do not offer installation. Our goal at Sam’s is to offer products that are easy to install. Whether you choose a yard sign, contemporary sign or real estate post system, you will find that our products are well thought out. We are always open to feedback. If we can make your life easier, let us know!

We believe that aluminum is superior to steel for a few reasons. Many of our clients are located in harsh environments where brutal sun, humidity, salt spray, road salts (snow) and extreme cold are very common. Our aluminum panels will never rust, even if they are scratched and the raw metal is exposed. Steel will quickly rust under these conditions. The slightest chip will lead to a major rust problem. While steel is a cheaper material, we think that they are close enough in price where we can offer the aluminum at the steel price and give our customers the best value.

We ship our signs in less than three days from the date they are proofed. In most cases our customers proof their signs online, which means they are out the door in 2-3 days from the date the order is placed. We can reach over 80% of the population in two days using standard ground shipping. We’re fast!

Sam’s Board is durable PVC material

Corrugated, Polyethylene (Sam’s Board), Polystyrene and PVC (Sam’s Board)

Yes, Sam’s Signs can help create your design. Click on the Chat button in the corner for more information about our design services.

Yes, Sam’s Signs is here to help with your design idea