Helping Locally – Memorial Park

Sam’s loves to support local efforts. Atlanta Memorial Park is located about a mile from our main facility. It is one of Atlanta’s Top Parks and has a rich history. Sam’s recently donated the signs for the local civic association surrounding the park. While the signs are a small piece of the overall park, we like to help where we can. IMG_3226 2To learn more about the history of Atlanta Memorial Park visit


Helping Locally – Morris Brandon

Local Efforts – Morris Brandon

Sam’s Signs is committed to community and this especially rings true in our backyard of Atlanta, Georgia. Morris Brandon is one of the best elementary schools in Atlanta and happens to be 1-2 miles from our production facility. Multiple team members have children at Morris Brandon and we did not hesitate to offer signs for their playground fundraiser.

The volunteers did a fantastic job raising money for their new playground, and it turns out they exceeded their goal. We hope that our signs played a small part in their success.


Education Cures – Sierra Leone

Sam’s Signs – Education Cures

Sam’s Signs has a commitment to community – sometimes it means helping those far away. When we were first approached by Education Cures, we were blown away by their mission. Founded by Katie Cyphers from Atlanta, Georgia, Education Cures is a non-profit that provides teacher training in the most disadvantaged countries. One of our founders had the opportunity to visit their site in Sierra Leone, Africa. We think his quote below sums up why Sam’s quickly stepped up to provide all the printing at no charge for their recent fundraiser.

“The founder of Education Cures had a grandmother who was a mother of six children. They would ask her ‘which child she loved the most’ and her answer was always the same. ‘I love the one who needs it the most’. Education Cures was founded to help the children who need it the most.”

We are obviously huge fans of Education Cures. If it touches your heart and you would like to contribute, please visit